Ambassador Program

Hello there adventurer! 

Sign up for a chance to become a Mercury Summer Ambassador!

What is a Mercury Summer Ambassador?

  • Get a free pair of Mercury Summer sunglasses for every new collection release during a "season"
  • Post pictures and tag us on your socials
  • Get exclusive insights into upcoming collections and releases, and even influence decisions on upcoming products & collaborations
  • Be the center of attention at Mercury Summer events/meetups in your city
  • Be part of the "season's" lookbook
  • Featured on Mercury Summer website, in product images, and on a dedicated Ambassador page, your socials and links will be featured there even after a season ends
  • Get invitations to Mercury Summer invited events

Current Season: Season 1 
Season 1 will only be open to limited number of ambassadors


*T&C's and the Signing Agreement will be sent to selected ambassadors