Care tips


Here are tips on how to take care of your Mercury Summer sunglasses to ensure it’ll stay faithfully ready for your countless journeys and voyages around the world (and in space)

Tip no. 001

Supernova storage

When your interstellar journey comes to an end (when you're not wearing your sunglasses), keep them safe in the included foldable case or pouch, to shield them from cosmic collisions with other objects in your bag or pocket. A safe landing spot ensures they stay scratch-free for light years to come.

Tip no. 002

Orbital wipe-down

Use a microfiber cloth, just like a gentle space probe, to clean your lenses regularly. It will help remove smudges and debris, leaving your vision clear and crisp, no matter what cosmic dust clouds come your way.

Tip no. 003

Solar system soaking

Occasionally, give your sunglasses a bath in warm, soapy water. Gently orbit them around, then rinse and dry with a soft cloth. This will keep them free from stardust and make sure they're ready for your next planetary adventure.

Tip no. 004

Zero-G avoidance

Avoid leaving your sunglasses in extreme temperatures, like the scorching heat of a supernova or the icy cold of interstellar space. Extremes can warp the frame or cause damage to the lenses. Keep them at room temperature, just like your spaceship's control center.

Tip no. 005

Galactic gravitational awareness

When placing your sunglasses down, make sure to lay them with the lenses facing upward, like a telescope observing distant galaxies. This way, you'll prevent any accidental scratches or mishaps caused by cosmic forces.

Tip no. 006

Spacewalk repairs

As you make your way through the countless journeys with your sunglasses, there are bound to wear and tear. As the astronauts have their tools, you do too. We've included a little keychain screwdriver tool in the box for you to do your own adjustments and tightening of screws, bolts, and solar arrays so that you'll be ready anytime for the next voyage. Go out, be an astronaut, you adventurer!

Final tip

Remember, caring for your sunglasses is vital to ensure they're always ready for your next celestial excursion. Treat them like the precious gems they are, and they'll accompany you on countless adventures, making you the most stylish explorer in the cosmos!